Panasonic A5 Series servo

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Panasonic A5 Series
Technical Parameters

Power: 50W~5kW

Inertia different characteristic improvement: Groove positioning torque below 0.5%

Small size, ultra-lightweight: The industry's lightest (1kW ~ 5kW)

High decomposition rate: Absolute 17bit, incremental 20bit

Environmental Performance Upgrade: IP67

Construct connection: Full capacity connectivity

Power Supply <>: Single-phase AC100V, Single/3-phase AC200V

Control Mode: Torque, Speed, Position, Full Closed Loop

Control parameters: Extend the automatic setting range and PC

Communication: Corresponds to USB new software settings, operating performance upgrade

Installation: Interchange with A4

Panasonic servo A5 series introduction:

1, automatic adjustment

2, high speed and high response

3, ultra-low vibration


Small inertia

100W: Universal MSMD <>012G1U+MADHT1505 Impulse MSMD012G1U+MADHT1505E

200W: Universal MSMD022G1U+MADHT1507??? Pulse MSMD022G1U+MADHT1507E

High Inertia Universal MHMD022G1U+MADHT1507?? Pulse MHMD022G1U+MADHT1507E

400W: Universal MSMD / MHMD042G1U+MBDHT2510 Pulsed MSMD / MHMD042G1U+MBDHT2510E

750W: Universal MSMD / MHMD082G1U+MCDHT3520 Pulse MSMD / MHMD082G1U+MCDHT3520E

Panasonic Servo Motor <>Medium Inertia

1.0KW: General Purpose MDME102GCG+MDDHT3530 Pulse MDME102GCG+MDDHT3530E

1.5KW: General Purpose MDME152GCG+MDDHT5540 Pulse MDME152GCG+MDDHT5540E

2.0KW: General Purpose MDME202GCG+MDDHT7364 Pulse MDME202GCG+MDDHT7364E

Panasonic Servo Motor Large Inertia

1.0KW: Universal Type MHME102GCG+MDDHT3530 Pulse Type MHME102GCG+MDDHT3530E

1.5KW: Universal Type MHME152GCG+MDDHT5540 Pulse Type MHME152GCG+MDDHT5540E

2.0KW: Universal Type MHME202GCG+MDDHT7364 Pulse Type MHME202GCG+MDDHT7364E

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