Tamagawa encoder

A resolver is an angle sensor that outputs rotational angles as two-phase AC voltages (analog signals). It features structurally high environmental resistance compared to other sensors due to its simple design comprised of only an iron core and a coil.

Brushless resolvers (Smartsyn)

Smartsyn is an angle sensor that converts rotational angles into electric signals.

Smartsyn is a brushless resolver based on an innovative winding method (National/Foreign Patent registered) our sophisticated design and production engineering developed.
The traditional winding has been performed only by hand but our new method has enabled automatic winding by machine, thus realizing high productivity, low cost, high reliability, and excellent electrical properties.

Brushless resolvers (FA-SOLVER)

Brushless resolver can be used for high accurate feedback of position and speed sensing, and pole detection of motor. Through their features of resistance for harsh environment and other reasons, they are used with motors for machine tools and robots, in steelworks.
We collectively call these brushless resolvers as FA-SOLVER®, and renewed their lineup to cope with a new FA era.