DPM-C520W Delta Wireless Multifunction Power Meter

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Delta’s Wireless Multifunction Power Meter DPM-C520W adopts a wireless communication interface, and is suitable for installation in high ceiling spaces and panels that are difficult for wiring

● Measures electric parameters and harmonics
● Supports alert and parameter group settings
● Adopts MODBUS-TCP protocol, suitable for control system applications, SCADA systems, and energy management & monitoring systems

  Wireless Data Transmission
The Wireless Multifunction Power Meter DPM-C520W adopts bidirectional wireless transmission to remotely monitor real-time electric parameters and power consumption. This feature helps to build a complete energy management system and precise power quality measurement that replaces manual meter reading and wired meter reading.
Features of wireless power meters:
       1. Reduce wiring cost and construction time
       2. High-speed data exchange and data transmission capability (much faster than RS-485)
       3. More secure wireless data protection
Applications: Elevators, high-technology factories, warehouses, areas containing many physical barriers, hospitals, and public offices that require data security